A choice between evolutionary and revolutionary growth

Doing a review of Islamic finance in Kazakhstan is not an easy task. Kazakhstan was an early starter — in 2009 it was the first country in the former USSR to introduce Islamic banking and finance. …

Evolution or revolution

Before 1991 the concept of Islamic finance was a virtual “terra incognita” in the former Soviet Union. Several decades of the Communist Party rule had literally done away with the religious beliefs of generations of the Soviet people.

In 1992 Tajikistan joined the Organization of Islamic Cooperation…

Building up national Champions to grow Islamic economy

There is nothing wrong with adapting efficient and successful modi operandi from the world of the conventional finance. Well, at least as long as they become and/or stay Shariah compliant.

Many well-off governments of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation countries had officially…

The ratings of the Top-10 highest paid royals

The great Mel Brook played Louis XIV in the epical comedy “World History. Part 1”. His character is well remembered for his key phase announced repeatedly — “It’s good to be the King”. …

Vladimir Malenko

A former Medical Doctor turned VC/PE enthusiast

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