Another Top 10 weirdest sanctions against Russia. Part 2

An illegal letter
  • Closure of McDonalds restaurants to protect Russian’s wellbeing and waistlines
  • Ban on exporting black caviar TO Russia (presumably from Paris restaurants…)
  • Confiscation of foreign-owned aircraft that can’t be returned to the owners since the airspace over Europe is closed to the Russian-operated aircraft
  • Prohibition of showing Disney cartoons (Beavis and Butthead are still allowed)
  • Ban on Russian classical music — those old-timers Tchaikovskiy and Glinka neglected to distance themselves from Vladimir Putin, who came in power some hundred years after their deaths. What a lousy excuse, Russkiys!
  • Russian cats can no longer participate in international competitions… Woohoo!
  • No more US sparkling wine and vodka to indulge delicate Russian stomachs
  • No more US chewing tobacco and snuff… to the great pity of the American hillbillies who reside in Moscow
  • The sales of the US-made saddles are no longer permitted to Russia
  • And, surely the fighting spirits of the Russian troops would suffer dramatically from the ban on exporting grand concern pianos to the Russian Federation
ZZ Top — Banned?
Fashion Police is preparing for Moscow cold winters
Too similar to a Russian flag
Russia? No, Slovenia! Duh
He is ready to cooperate with Russia
the “Ukrainian” Dancers
Don’t have to fear their invasion anymore
From a humble beginning…
Could this island even fit a Russian embassy?
The Russians are not welcome!




A former Medical Doctor turned VC/PE enthusiast

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Vladimir Malenko

Vladimir Malenko

A former Medical Doctor turned VC/PE enthusiast

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