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  • Jibril Tauheed

    Jibril Tauheed

  • Muhammad Ahsan Khan

    Muhammad Ahsan Khan

    Blockchain Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Author, Researcher, Cryptocurrency Proponent, Advisor, Consultant & Writer. Read more: https://www.about.me/mahsankhan

  • Jesse Haslam

    Jesse Haslam

  • Jun Wu

    Jun Wu

    Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

  • Ruth Stewart

    Ruth Stewart

    I write about my interests which include psychology, family, relationships, autism and lots more. You’ll mostly find me here on Medium. She/her.

  • Asaad Sameer Bagharib

    Asaad Sameer Bagharib

  • Dr. Liza Varvogli

    Dr. Liza Varvogli

    Ph.D. in Psychology| Harvard-trained| Psychotherapist| Stress Management Professor|Parenting & Relationships Expert|Meditator|Positive thinker|Solution-oriented

  • Shuyi Wang

    Shuyi Wang

    PhD in Information Science. Adjunct Faculty at University of North Texas. Associate Professor at Tianjin Normal University. First Prize Winner of HackNTX 2018.

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