The Top 10 most weird and unusual sanctions against Russia. Part 1

Also banned

1. McDonald’s

Are you a Weight Watcher?

2. Black caviar

Yes, Russians eat caviar every day, 3 times a day

3. Aircraft

He is not allowed to fly the planes to Europe

4. Cartoons

Disney will not show its new animation movie “Turning Red” in Russia. Wow, that will definitely show Vladimir Putin and his 7-year-old supporters who is the boss here! Poor kids will have to learn about the US from the cartoon movie “Beavis and Butt-Head Do America”. He-he…

They will do Mother Russia next

5. Classical music concerts

The news article heading stated: The Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra has removed Tchaikovsky from its programme of its upcoming concert ‘in light of the recent Russian invasion’ . Surely, this is because the famous Russian composer (who died in 1893) missed his chance 129 years ago to condemn Putin’s invasion in Ukraine. Should not the same logic apply to ALL Russian writers, painters and composer without exceptions?

6. Cats

The International Cat Federation banned Russian cats from participation in its competitions. I am not sure what to say here. Perhaps, there are some military feline brigades of fighting cats that represent tangible threat to the world but… if I suggest it here, I may end up in a psychiatric ward.

Oops… they exist

7. The US sparkling wine, cheap booze and… American vodka

Wow! The country, which is one of the largest consumer of the elite French champagne is definitely going to suffer from not having the American sludge. By the way, MD 20/20 is also banned.

Brings back some bad memories…

8. The US chewing tobacco, snuff and tobacco refuse

Did someone at the US Department of Treasury mistook Russia for West Virginia? I am yet to find a tobacco chewing Russian…

Misfired sanctions

9. Saddles

I am not kidding! It is listed under the number 8714100010 of the US department of Commerce document 15 CFR Parts 738 and 746.

10. Grand concert pianos

I think I kinda understand this one. Every educated person in the world surely knows that those Russkies use those pianos only to play military marches. So, every Russian military unit is always accompanied by a crawler-based concert piano.

Nothing has changed in 70 years
Do those tennis balls bounce?



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Vladimir Malenko

Vladimir Malenko

A former Medical Doctor turned VC/PE enthusiast